Innovation @ NIST

| Bangkok, Thailand Curated by NIST's Learning Innovation Coaches

During the first week of March most of the Secondary school students practiced learning from home on Tuesday and Thursday in preparation for a campus closure. As one might expect, much of that time was spent in front of a screen doing everything from receiving instructions, completing activities, and turning in assignments.


We’ve learned a great deal from these practice home learning sessions. Being at home to learn online is novel and fun…for a while, but it can get tiring. Overall, the students on quarantine are managing well, yet there is still need for more connection with the class. This is where Advisory classes can play a key role. In Year 7, students were given instruction on tasks that they could do OFFline for an hour or so. In 7D, students showed evidence of their activities on a Padlet (online bulletin board – 7D – My OFF screen activity). 

As you can see, many did some cooking and baking, some walked their dogs, others drew, one student reorganized their room, and another made a shirt! It was fantastic to see where the students could be creative and innovative. Given more time like this, there is no doubt that the students would broaden their activities even further.


Although there is no substitute for learning at school, if we have to learn at home we are prepared to do so on and off-screen.