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NIST’s Visual Storyteller

In a community as large and vibrant as that found at NIST, there are often many events and activities running simultaneously that it is difficult to take it all in. To assist us all to get a better understanding of the breadth and depth of our community, NIST created the position of Visual Storyteller to help capture some of what makes NIST unique. The position is an innovative way for the NIST community to share its many stories in video form.

May Thatun – NIST’s new Digital Storyteller

NIST’s Visual Storyteller is May (Su Lay May) Thatun. Originally from Myanmar, May went to elementary school at Ruamrudee International School (her mom was a teacher there), then went to Melbourne and East Malaysia to finish off her secondary education. May has a degree in Communication Arts and has been particularly interested in film making. After earning her degree from Stamford, she did an internship at The Home BKK on Soi 23. The Home hosts events that focus on food, sustainability, art and design and sound. May was responsible for capturing the events on video at this space.


May’s inspiration to take on this position is her love for storytelling. When she was younger, she always liked to write stories and poems. She graduated into writing songs as she learned to play the guitar. Then, after she got a camera, she started created videos. May prefers video because it includes both the audio and visual elements in the storytelling process. 


To see some of May’s work (Buddy Time, Fuga’s Gymnastics Story, Introducing our Year 5 Story and more), take a look at the NIST Facebook Page.

Innovation Spotlight: Across Asia Youth Film Festival Winners: Getting Creative with Animation

Last Saturday a team of Year 8 NIST Students (Pera Kasemsripitak, Will Sirilert, and Stanley Holewa) attended the Across Asia Youth Film Festival (AAYFF) at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The students were attending because their short film, Disappearance, had been short listed and then awarded best animation at the festival. As you watch the film you will see a number of very clever special effects that warranted the award.

Apart from winning the award, the students enjoyed the Festival and the accompanying workshops. The main highlights were a session on creating stories and, of course, the final gala where they viewed all the nominated films with over 350 guests in attendance.

NIST has a number of great filmmakers with the quality and innovation improving every year. Opportunities to continue that improvement are also growing with the IB Diploma Film class in its second year and the addition of youth film festivals. To see the work done by the people in our community be sure to attend the second annual NIST Film Festival on June 4th, from 4 to 5:30pm in the Tantipipatpong Theatre, 4th Floor Creative Arts Building (CAB).