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Innovation Spotlight: Y9 Electives

From Automatas to Reading/Writing Enthusiasts and all manner of topics in between, the Year 9 students have just completed their first session of Electives! And the students are loving it!


Seeing the need for student agency within their students’ schedules, the Year 9 advisors explored options that would allow students to participate in elective sessions according to their passions. After much brainstorming, Y9 Electives were started period D2 and occur once per rotation for semester two. This new endeavor was so enticing that five teachers volunteered to teach an elective in addition to the six Y9 advisory teachers, allowing students even more choice. Moreover, students were able to select two different electives for the sessions, giving opportunities to try something new as well as focus on something they really enjoy.  


Electives are: 

  • Automatas
  • Basketball
  • Board Games
  • Bullet Journals & Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Challenge Workshop
  • Coding, Cooking
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Intro to Dungeons & Dragons
  • Mandalas and Meditation
  • Reading/Writing Enthusiasts