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Innovation Spotlight: NIST’s Photo Studio

Over the past summer break, NIST’s Pixar Lab (2nd floor of the Creative Arts Building – CAB) had a renovation to include a space for taking pictures. An initiative of Jarrod Rayner’s and the Art Department, this photo studio allows students to take high-quality pictures of their artwork to share with the wider community and, in the Diploma program, for their assessed DP Visual Arts portfolio. These resources allow students, and the wider community, to explore new possibilities using a professional-level environment and equipment.

As you can see in the photos above, the studio includes a 2.5 metre high, 1.5 metre deep curved white wall (infinity cove), display stands, studio lighting and a ring lights. Once the photo is taken, it can be edited or manipulated with the fully equipped iMacs in the same room. Recently the ring light was used to produce posters for the Movember campaign to promote men’s health. See a sample below of gentlemen and their Mo’s.