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Innovation Spotlight: The Visual Paragraph

The students leaders of both the Student Council and Global Citizen Diploma recently, before the winter break, received some ‘professional development’ with visiting communications expert Kendal Zoeller. Mr. Zoeller focused on what he calls the choreography of presenting using a tool called visual paragraphing. He asked the students to reduce what they wanted to communicate to two or three things, or impact statements, and then physically move to a new position when changing from one impact statement to the next.

To illustrate, the Global Citizen Diploma students have been emphasizing the idea of metacognition (critically thinking about one’s own thinking). While presenting this topic they might:

  • begin on the right side of the room with the definition of metacognition,
  • then move to the left side of the room to provide an experience of how it works,
  • and finally show how the use of metacognition helps in deeply understanding an experience

The students left the session with a greater understanding of the importance of not just what and how you present material, but the significance of considering the manner and positioning when presenting. Our Student Council and GCD students should all benefit as a result.